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         Klimt, Gustav

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         Rubens, Peter Paul

         Vincent van Gogh

         Waterhouse, John W.

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AK001  horse's head

AK002  Dolphins with swan

AK003  polar bear

AK004  butterfly

AK005  tiger's head

AK006  a couple of peacocks

AK007  bath tub border strip

AK008  cockfight from Pompeii

AK009  dolphin

AK010  swan

AK011  cave canem

AK012  parakeets

AK013  eagle owl

AK014  scene with fish

AK015  fish

AK016  Turtle

AK017  Tiger

AK018  Butterflys

AK019  two Porcelains

AK020  fish

AK021  parakeet

AK022  lake landscape with whales

AK023  Leopard

AK025  white tiger

AK026  rearing horse

AK027  german shepherd

AK028  seahorse

AK029  Red Deer

AK030  various marine animals

AK031  Peacock

AK032  kingfisher

AK033  polar bear

AK034  lioness in the river

AK035  amphibian

AK036  Clownfish

AK037  dolphins

AK038  pelicans

AK039  swimming pool

AK040  seahorse

AK041  Pillar enclosure with fishes

AK042  Gazelle

AK043  Lion

AK044  Lion

AK045  Lion

AK046  eagle

AK047  seascape with herons

AK048  Tiger with baby

AK049  Eagle and snake

AK050  Aries

AK051  Capricorn

AK052  Chamois

AK053  white tiger

AK054  Lion

AN050  swans with offspring

AN347  puma

AN360  Cat

BK003  border lily

BK004  border sepal

BK005  border

BK006  border of Monastery Goess, Austria

BK007  border of St. Paul, Lavanttal, Austria

BK008  border of Pompeii

BK009  border

BK010  border

BK011  border

BK014  greek border (meander)

BK015  greek border (meander)

BK016  greek border (meander)

BK017  border

BK020  border

BK021  border

BK027  border

BK031  border

BK032  dragon Simurgh

BK033  border

BK034  border

CK001  carpet

CK002  oriental carpet

CK004  marble carpet

CK006  carpet

CK009  carpet

CK012  flower carpet

CK013  carpet

CK014  carpet

CK015  roman pattern

CK016  roman pattern

CK017  roman pattern

CK019  roman pattern

CK021  roman pattern

CK022  roman pattern

CK023  roman pattern

CK027  roman pattern

CK028  roman pattern

CK029  carpet

CK030  carpet

CK032  carpet of flowers

CK033  carpet

CK034  square carpet

CK036  carpet

CK037  roman pattern

CK038  roman pattern

CK039  roman pattern

CK041  roman pattern

CK042  roman pattern

CK043  roman pattern

CK044  bright carpet

CK045  carpet of flowers

CK046  abstract art

CK047  labyrinth

CK048  roman pattern

CK050  carpet compass rose

CK052  carpet blueprint

CK053  carpet

CK054  carpet

CK055  carpet

CK056  flower motiv

CK057  Head of Dionysos from Korinth

CR039  carpet

CR149  carpet cyclone

CR195  aquarium

CR201  carpet with dolphins

CR262  sailers

CR273  carpet

FK001  Diana - Goddess of the Moon and Hunting

FK002  Medusa Rondanini, Phidias 440 AC

FK003  Tethys (Thetys) Sea Goddess

FK004  Publius Vergilius Maro

FK005  Leda and the swan

FK007  Medusa of IVENZO

FK008  Medusa of IVENZO

FK009  Medusa Pistrucci

FK011  sign of the zodiac leo

FK012  sign of the zodiac virgo

FK013  sign of the zodiac libra

FK014  sign of the zodiac scorpio

FK015  sign of the zodiac sagittarius

FK016  sign of the zodiac capricorn

FK017  sign of the zodiac aquarius

FK018  sign of the zodiac pisces

FK019  sign of the zodiac aries

FK020  sign of the zodiac taurus

FK021  sign of the zodiac gemini

FK022  sign of the zodiac cancer

FK023  12 signs of the zodiac in a ring

FK024  Medusa Apollo Fountain Madrid

FK025  Mona Lisa

FK026  Aion, god of eternity

FK027  Baccuscult, Villa of the Mysteries

FK028  Battle of Alexander at Issus

FK029  Botticelli: Birth of Venus

FK030  Ingres: The fountain

FK032  Bouguereau: Twilight

FK033  Vitruvian Man

FK034  Europa carried off by Jupiter

FK035  Ulysses listening to the sirens

FK036  Luis Riccardo Falero: Butterfly

FK037  Neptune

FK038  Cabanel: The Birth of Venus

FK039  Michelangelo: David

FK040  Bouguereau: The Wave

FK041  Raphaels angle

FK042  Gérard: Cupid and Psyche

FK044  Gladiators of Nennig

FK045  Orpheus from Cheyres, Switzerland

FK046  Boucher: Rape of Europa

FK047  Woman with Washbowl

FK048  Children on a Boat

FK049  Roman heads

FK050  Triumph of Bacchus

FK051  Woman with mug

FK052  Young Woman in the Water

FK053  Gustav Klimt: The Kiss

FK054  Mucha: Dusk

FK055  Waterhouse: Mermaid

FK057  Bouguereau: Psyche et L'Amour

FK058  Bouguereau: Dawn

FK059  van Gogh: Cornfield with Cypresses

FK060  Monet: Water Lily Pond

FK064  Rubens: Leda and the Swan

FK065  Leighton: The Bath of Psyche

FK066  Raffael: Saint George

FK068  Jesus and Maria

FK069  Saint George

FK070  Jesus

FK071  Apostle Paul from Ravenna

FK073  Gustav Klimt: Danae

FK074  Portrait Franz Oppenheimer

FK076  Portrait Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

FK077  Portrait Alexander von Humboldt

FK079  Waterhouse: Dananidi

FK080  van Gogh: Starry Night

FK081  Battle of Alexander at Issus

FK082  Michelangelo: The Creation of Adam

FK083  Herakles and Dionysus

FK084  Venus

FK085  Medusa of IVENZO

FK086  Medusa of IVENZO

FK087  Bacchus

FK088  Albrecht Dürer: Praying Hands

FK089  Diana, Godnes of Hunting

FK090  Medusa of IVENZO

FK091  Botticelli: Birth of Venus

FK092  Jesus

FK093  Jesus

FK095  Crucified Jesus

FK097  Platon and the Academy of Athen

FK098  Weguelin: The bath

FK099  Dionyos transformed pirates

FK100  Oceanus from Sabratha

FK101  Botticelli: Birth of Venus

FK102  Batoni: Diana and Cupid

FK103  Triumph of Dionysus

FK104  Mermaid

FK105  Medusa from Athens

FK106  A man hunting a boar

FK107  Musicians with organ and tuba

FK108  Fight with the bear

FK109  man and horses

FK110  Leonardo da Vinci: The last Supper

FK111  van Gogh: Self Portrait

FK112  Boucher: Forge of Vulcan

FK113  Mosaic of Centaurs

FK114  Klimt: Virgin

FK115  Andy Lloyd: Woman Bathing

FK116  Oceanus - Neptune

FK117  Orpheus from Shahba

FK118  Dionysos and the Indians

FK119  Marcus Caelius

FK120  Birth of Aphrodite / Venus

FK121  Indian with dog

FK122  Praetorian Guard

FK123  Fish and Bread

FK124  Beheading of Medusa

FK125  Botticelli: Birth of Venus

FK126  Sitting Bull

FK127  Roman legionary

FK128  Roman Centurion

FK129  Circus Maximus - Quadriga

GE121  two-master boat

GE250  Vincent van Gogh: Boats on the beach

GE273  basement or wall insert

GE350  compass rose

GK001  Sun-Moon-Stars

GK002  Sun and Moon

GK003  Greek-Roman medallion

GK004  carpet, endless

GK005  Sun-Moon-Stars

GK006  Cup of Coffee

GK007  Flowers

GK008  flowers

GK009  Mandala

GK011  Mandala

GK014  star pattern

GK020  Mandala

GK022  Mandala

GK025  Bourbon Lily

GK031  Mandala

GK032  Sun

GK033  bouquet of flowers

GK034  carpet of flowers (diagonal)

GK035  sun flowers

GK036  floral bouquet


GK039  blossom

GK041  abstract art

GK042  flower pot

GK043  bouquet of flowers

GK044  fishing village

GK063  dragon Simurgh

GK064  Compass Rose

GK065  Compass rose

GK066  carpet

GK067  Bourbon Lily

GK068  backsplash

GK069  Greek-Roman medallion

GK070  backsplash

GK071  Toscana

GK072  flowers (topview)

GK073  Ravello Italy

GK074  Compass rose

GK076  Mandala

GK077  Flower of Life

GK078  Flowers in Vase

GK079  SS Passat

GK080  Greek Island

GK081  still life

GK082  Sun

IN166  yoga om (AUM)

KT001  Sandra Schueler: Young Greek

KT002  Barbara Utz: Still Life

LK001  Lighthouse Hiddensee Dornbusch

LK002  Lighthouse Westerhever

LK003  Lighthouse Red Sand

LK004  Castle Hohenzollern

LK005  Castle Neuschwanstein

LK007  Castle Neuschwanstein

LK008  Panorama Extract Heidelberg

LK009  Ocaen View

LK010  grapevine

LK011  Beach with palm trees

LK012  Forest with a lake and animals

LK013  Place by the sea

LK014  Tourlitis-Lighthouse Andros

MD105  sun and moon

MD153  floral medallion

MD331  Medallion

MK001  sun in warm colours

MK002  Medallion with dolphins

MK003  Medallion with dolphins

MK004  Compass rose

MK005  Statue of Liberty, New York

MK006  sun

MK007  Compass rose

MK010  medallion

MK011  flower medallion

MK012  flower medallion

MK015  roman pattern

MK018  Medallion with Whale

MK019  flower medallion

MK021  medallion with whale

MK029  greek-roman medallion

MK035  Compass rose

MK036  Compass rose with birds

MK039  Medallion

MK041  medallion with dolphins

MK048  Medallion

MK050  Medallion

MK055  roman medallion

MK056  greek-roman medallion

MK060  medallion sun-moon-stars

MK061  flower medallion

MK062  roman medallion

MK063  dragon Simurgh

MK064  greek-roman pattern

MK065  Compass rose

MK066  flower medallion

MK067  varicoloured circles

MK068  bouquet of flowers with blossoms

MK069  flowers (topview)

MK071  roman medallion

MK072  ying and yang

MK074  Compass rose

MK075  sun and moon - bright-dark

MK076  sun

MK078  sign of the zodiac taurus

MK079  sign of the zodiac scorpio

MK080  medallion from Pompeii

MK081  Lion from Sabrata

MK082  Labyrinth of Chartres

MK083  fountain mask

MK084  Osiria rose

MK085  Compass rose with world map

MK086  Compass rose from Lisbon

RK007  inlay

ST001  Quattro Mori Sardinia

ST002  State Coat of Arms Baden-Wuerttemberg

ST003  Large State Coat of Arms Bavaria

ST004  State Coat of Arms

ST005  Imperial Seal of Japan

ST006  Small State Coat of Arms Bavaria

ST007  Small Coat of Arms of Cologne

ST008  Luther Rose