Here you can see mosaics of the category Western Christian.
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Mosaic Leonardo da Vinci: The last Supper
Leonardo da Vinci: The last Supper FK110

360x120cm smoothed 4009 €
Mosaic Albrecht Dürer: Praying Hands
Albrecht Dürer: Praying Hands FK088

60x80cm smoothed 376 €
Mosaic Fish and Bread
Fish and Bread FK123

80x60cm smoothed 376 €
Mosaic Apostle Paul from Ravenna
Apostle Paul from Ravenna FK071

60x65cm smoothed 306 €
Mosaic Jesus
Jesus FK092

50x75cm smoothed 353 €
Mosaic Saint George
Saint George FK069

110x145cm smoothed 1483 €
Mosaic Raffael: Saint George
Raffael: Saint George FK066

70x100cm smoothed 546 €
Mosaic Jesus
Jesus FK070

80x100cm smoothed 623 €
Mosaic Jesus and Maria
Jesus and Maria FK068

60x60cm smoothed 283 €
Mosaic Jesus
Jesus FK093

40x50cm smoothed 159 €
Mosaic Crucified Jesus
Crucified Jesus FK095

80x120cm smoothed 746 €
Mosaic Luther Rose
Luther Rose ST008

80cm smoothed 393 €