Here you can see mosaics of the category Others.
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Mosaic flowers (topview)
flowers (topview) GK072
66x66cm smoothed 457 €
Mosaic carpet  of flowers
carpet of flowers CK045
140x100cm smoothed 1358 €
Mosaic dragon Simurgh
dragon Simurgh GK063
80x80cm smoothed 623 €
Mosaic flower carpet
flower carpet CK012
150x150cm smoothed 2046 €
Mosaic flower motiv
flower motiv CK056
60x60cm smoothed 396 €
Mosaic abstract art
abstract art CK046
142x113cm smoothed 1523 €
Mosaic carpet  of flowers
carpet of flowers CK032
180x150cm smoothed 2410 €
Mosaic bright carpet
bright carpet CK044
200x160cm smoothed 2814 €
Mosaic labyrinth
labyrinth CK047
120x120cm smoothed 1390 €
Mosaic carpet
carpet CK013
150x100cm smoothed 1439 €
Mosaic carpet blueprint
carpet blueprint CK052
110x90cm smoothed 906 €
Mosaic basement or wall insert
basement or wall insert GE273
40x40cm smoothed 234 €
Mosaic Bourbon Lily
Bourbon Lily GK025
80x80cm smoothed 623 €
Mosaic Bourbon Lily
Bourbon Lily GK026
80x80cm smoothed 623 €