Here you can see mosaics of the category Technics.
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Mosaic two-master boat
two-master boat GE121

100x100cm smoothed 777 €
Mosaic Lighthouse Red Sand
Lighthouse Red Sand LK003

30x40cm smoothed 98 €
Mosaic Castle Neuschwanstein
Castle Neuschwanstein LK005

150x100cm smoothed 1163 €
Mosaic Castle Hohenzollern
Castle Hohenzollern LK004

120x80cm smoothed 746 €
Mosaic SS Passat
SS Passat GK079

60x80cm smoothed 376 €
Mosaic fishing village
fishing village GK044

80x100cm smoothed 623 €
Mosaic Lighthouse Westerhever
Lighthouse Westerhever LK002

40x30cm smoothed 98 €
Mosaic Castle Neuschwanstein
Castle Neuschwanstein LK007

60x125cm smoothed 584 €
Mosaic sailers
sailers CR262

160x133cm smoothed 1648 €
Mosaic Children on a Boat
Children on a Boat FK048

160x98cm smoothed 1216 €
Mosaic Lighthouse Hiddensee Dornbusch
Lighthouse Hiddensee Dornbusch LK001

40x30cm smoothed 98 €
Mosaic Ocaen View
Ocaen View LK009

300x150cm smoothed 3480 €
Mosaic Tourlitis-Lighthouse Andros
Tourlitis-Lighthouse Andros LK014

90x80cm smoothed 561 €