Here you can see mosaics of the category Birds.
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Mosaic swan
swan AK010
50x33cm smoothed 239 €
Mosaic Eagle and snake
Eagle and snake AK049
120x90cm smoothed 1099 €
Mosaic pelicans
pelicans AK038
120x90cm smoothed 1099 €
Mosaic Beach with palm trees
Beach with palm trees LK011
180x65cm smoothed 1172 €
Mosaic Rubens: Leda and the Swan
Rubens: Leda and the Swan FK064
120x100cm smoothed 1390 €
Mosaic Peacock
Peacock AK031
100x70cm smoothed 671 €
Mosaic kingfisher
kingfisher AK032
60x40cm smoothed 299 €
Mosaic seascape with herons
seascape with herons AK047
185x125cm smoothed 2096 €
Mosaic a couple of peacocks
a couple of peacocks AK006
120x100cm smoothed 1196 €
Mosaic eagle
eagle AK046
100x60cm smoothed 591 €
Mosaic swans with offspring
swans with offspring AN050
105x90cm smoothed 870 €
Mosaic eagle owl
eagle owl AK013
40x50cm smoothed 267 €
100x140cm smoothed 1358 €
Mosaic parakeets
parakeets AK012
40x50cm smoothed 267 €
Mosaic Dolphins with swan
Dolphins with swan AK002
65cm smoothed 374 €
Mosaic two Porcelains
two Porcelains AK019
100x70cm smoothed 671 €
Mosaic parakeet
parakeet AK021
50x70cm smoothed 388 €