Here you can see mosaics of the category Nude.
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Mosaic Weguelin: The bath
Weguelin: The bath FK098

60x140cm smoothed 783 €
Mosaic Waterhouse: Mermaid
Waterhouse: Mermaid FK055

100x140cm smoothed 1302 €
Mosaic Bouguereau: Twilight
Bouguereau: Twilight FK032

75x150cm smoothed 1048 €
Mosaic Bouguereau: Dawn
Bouguereau: Dawn FK058

75x150cm smoothed 1048 €
Mosaic Young Woman in the Water
Young Woman in the Water FK052

60x100cm smoothed 468 €
Mosaic Bouguereau: Psyche et L'Amour
Bouguereau: Psyche et L'Amour FK057

75x130cm smoothed 909 €
Mosaic Woman with Washbowl
Woman with Washbowl FK047

80x150cm smoothed 1117 €