Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. May the offered design be delivered in a different size?
    Yes. There are no limitations to make it bigger only smaller sizes are not always producible. There is always a minimum size a mosaic needs to have. Of course dimensions needs to be kept when working with rectangular pieces. Nevertheless in order to make a mosaic fitting your wall it is possible to supplement it reasonably.
  2. How expensive are special bodies?
    The price depends on difficulty, area and surface. It does not matter whether you order a standard or a special size of your mosaic.
  3. Is it possible to add an inscription to my mosaic?
    Yes, we make almost everything possible. Take a marker which writes in a thickness of 8mm. Whatever you can write with this marker is possible for us to make as a mosaic.
  4. Are mosaics water- and frost proof?
    Marble will be water-resistant after soaking it with mineral naphtha (brick oil). This does not mean though that it is always possible to joint your mosaic water-tight. Therefore it is very important that the ground your mosaic is installed on is water-tight if needed for instance at a swimming pool. We suggest using a sealing brick glue in this case.
    Frost-proofeness is also not a question of the material used for a mosaic but rather it is a question of the right sealing. In case your mosaic has not been sealed right, water might fill small imperfections- the freezing water might blast your mosaic at this spot.
    It is true that big marble plates might break at freezing temperatures. However the bricks used for your mosaic are too small which means that such kind of suspense can not occur to break your mosaic.
    Protect your mosaic by using brick oil every 1 to 2 years and you will be able to enjoy your mosaic even in 50 years from now.
  5. How sensitive are blue stones to sunlight?
    UV-light destroys the pigments of blue colours. Especially dark blue stones are affected. When installing a mosaic containing dark blue stones at a wall we recommend installing your mosaic north-sided. Otherwise your blue stones will turn purple within about 3 years. It’s is no problem though, when installing your mosaic inside your house as window glass already filters sunlight. After all dark blue stones are more expensive and used seldom so you regularly do not have to worry about it.
  6. Are you able to put my colour selection into action?
    Yes! Your wishes can be implemented when producing your mosaic. However you need to give us strict orders by handing us a layout with the appropriate allocations of our number of colours.
  7. How long does it take until I get my mosaic?
    The times of delivery depends on many factors and are not fixed. Usually we are able to deliver your mosaic within 5 weeks - often even faster. Nevertheless it might take longer sometimes in case irregularities like problems within our air carrier or at the customs. But do not hesitate to ask us for current delivery times.
  8. How will the mosaic be delivered (all ready, on numbered nets, lose)?
    Mosaics up to a size of 2qm will be delivered in one piece. It will get to your house rolled in like a carpet. In case your mosaic is bigger than 2qm you will get it on nets which are numbered and easy to put together.
  9. How are payment conditions?
    We expect a deposit of 30% based on net value. In case you have a special order we have to ask for a higher deposit as we might not be able to resell it in case you do not want your mosaic after ordering.
  10. How do I get my mosaic?
    We work with DHL worldwide and/or Hermes inside Europe.
  11. Do I have a guarantee in case of upcoming problems?
    We guarantee for our products. So in case of damages or mistakes you will receive a replacement delivery for free. If you reject our goods without that we made a mistake, we will refund the net value (excluding shipping and handling expenses). The mosaic has to be returned by the client to a given national address or destroyed with photo evidence.