Here you can see mosaics of the category Cats.
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Mosaic Cat
Cat AN360
50x50cm smoothed 207 €
Mosaic white tiger
white tiger AK025
90cm smoothed 520 €
Mosaic tiger's head
tiger's head AK005
60x75cm smoothed 369 €
Mosaic Lion from Sabrata
Lion from Sabrata MK081
85cm smoothed 464 €
Mosaic Tiger
Tiger AK017
100x50cm smoothed 410 €
Mosaic Mosaic of Centaurs
Mosaic of Centaurs FK113
245x160cm smoothed 3931 €
Mosaic Tiger with baby
Tiger with baby AK048
45x110cm smoothed 406 €
Mosaic lioness in the river
lioness in the river AK034
100x100cm smoothed 814 €
Mosaic white tiger
white tiger AK053
90x90cm smoothed 660 €
Mosaic Leopard
Leopard AK023
127cm smoothed 1150 €
Mosaic Lion
Lion AK044
100x75cm smoothed 612 €
Mosaic puma
puma AN347
70x85cm smoothed 486 €
Mosaic sign of the zodiac leo
sign of the zodiac leo FK011
75x60cm smoothed 369 €
Mosaic Lion
Lion AK045
100x75cm smoothed 612 €
Mosaic Lion
Lion AK043
70cm smoothed 316 €
Mosaic Lion
Lion AK054
50x50cm smoothed 207 €