Portrait mosaics of a person are a special challenge. We entrust portrait orders to experienced and highly skilled artists only. Even if it is about a well known person every single line stands for special characteristics of this person. A major part of our non-verbal communication is done by our facial expression. Can you imagine the challenge for an artist to perceive the characteristic expression of a person and to copy it to the media mosaic? It is a real masterstroke if this happens to the satisfaction of the customer.

We face this challenge with most carefulness. Therefore we not only assign the manufacturing of a portrait to our best artists but we also pay them much more for this kind of work. So we encourage them to spend the time they need to come up with their best performance and to proof their excellence.

We are aiming for surprising you, our customer. A “that is how I had visualised it” is the minimum we would like to achieve. A comment like “that something like this might happen” is ennobling us. That is what we are working for und we make it happen.

The larger you order the mosaic the more exact the artist can work. Thereby it does not matter, how large the master illustration is. Even a passport size photo can be copied to every user-defined size without a loss in accuracy. Granularity or blurring does not affect the result. The artist can increase the portrait in his head by using his eyes.

Also a coloured photo is not a must. We will always achieve a coloured, lively mosaic, even if it is based on a black and white photo.

Out of the four types of surfaces the type “smoothed” is the best for portraits and highly recommended. The types “broken” or “polished” are possible indeed, but do not provide the best artistic result. The usage of tumbled pebbles would have a negative impact on the picture flow and is impossible to order for portraits because it does not meet the quality level we want to provide to you.

You can calculate the price for a portrait with one single person online by using our sample