We offer our mosaics in three versions.

Smoothed surface (matt)

This kind of surface is norm since centuries on the market. This kind of style is also called "antique-style". Since the surface seems to be rough colors appear not so gaudy - while the stone is untreated.

The stone is treated correctly when using a brick-oil - after the mosaic has been shifted - that way your mosaic will be protected from water and the colors will appear to be brighter.

Since "antique-style" is the norm of all mosaics, every theme, in different thicknesses may be ordered. Our factories have specialized in producing this kind of mosaics therefore all kinds of marble are in stock at all times. "Antique-style" is also the most inexpensive design in our line of goods.

Mellowed (tumbled) surface

Here the small mosaic stones are broken frist to be tumbled until the edges are smoothed. The surface of the bricks seem honed and colors emerge more effectual compared to "antique-style".

Mosaics made out of mellowed stones seem very clean and even. A mellowed surface gives the impression that the mosaic is subject to a common standard even though itīs all handmade. This type of mosaic is of all our offered surfaces the best suitable one for wet areas as, due to itīs surface, itīs best to point.

Working with mellowed stones is more costly in terms of time since between breaking the stones and putting it into a mosaic, stones need to be tumbled first. Other than that the same marble as the one with the smoothed surface is used which means that all colors are in stock at all times.

Polished surface

When choosing this type of marble you will get the whole resplendent of colors without having to treat the brink first. Nevertheless one has to bear in mind that marble is a soft stone. So in case of implementing your polished mosaic on the floor the color might dilute after a while. We therefore recommend putting polished marble only to unstressed places. Still your mosaic might gain shininess perpetrating it - you may know this effect from castles lined with old floors made of natural stone.

If you wish to put a polished mosaic on the floor we recommend you to buy the type "smoothed surface". If you grind and polish it after tiling youīll have a flat surface which is easier to care for in future.

Every handmade mosaic has a somehow uneven surface as the material marble with itīs different colors and styles varies in thickness of stone. We talk about irregulations of max. 1 mm which can be seen positive as it might has a anti-skidding effect. When cleaning your mosaic we recommend a soft brush - otherwise a strand of the used wiping cloth might get caught at your mosaic - when drying your mosaic just dab off the water with a cloth.

Producing a polished mosaic is the most expensive kind. Polished marble is more expensive and harder to obtain. Furthermore the wastage is higher when breaking the stone.