What makes the quality of a mosaic?

A mosaic is just like a well done painting. Its value does not depend on how much litres paint have been used but it´s a question of the appropriate painters skill to arrange the paint.

For sure marble is an exquisit material with an impressing range of colors, when polished. But not the price of marble itself makes the price of a mosaic. The quality and therefore the price is set by different facts.

A hand made marble mosaic in best quality realises a high price on the market. We underprice commercially available prices as our organisation is based on division of labour and job specialisation.

We do not work as a commercial enterprice which gives order across commercial steps and receive results from unknown sources. Many competitors working with that kind of style have the problem of unstable results in quality. We therefore work with a set crew of workers and are able to reconstruct who made which mosaic. We are able to give feedback and therefore able to learn as an organisation.

Compared to the beginnings we developed into a company which offers a far better quality compared to competitors which offer cheap mosaics. We benefited from the potential arabic low-wage countries offer and set quality to European standards. But to maintain such a status we pay our partners a much higher price compared to standard prices in their country. Our strategy is not to be fast, cheap and bad - but we expect perfection in work - which means for us that we want to cherish perfection by paying suitable prices for the best work and quality.

As it is very important for us to offer you the best quality we have developed an organisational form and work techniques which otherwise can only be found at exquisit Italian manufacturers of mosaics. As we gear to the quality of Italian mosaics we have also created a trademark which symbolises our standards of quality. The trademark IVENZO stands for the art of creating mosaics - since 2000 years a traditional work of art in arabic coutries - combining experiences of centuries with modern, industrial forms of organisations and standards.

This classical Joint Venture between our partners and us is of mutual advantage. You will have the advantage of being able to buy such beauty for reasonable prices and offers our partners an income which enables them to successfully upgrade their economical situation. Our cooperation holds a chance followed by fairness, understanding and mutual respect.