Here you can see mosaics of the category Animals.
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Mosaic cave canem
cave canem AK011

100x100cm smoothed 777 €
Mosaic Tiger
Tiger AK017

100x50cm smoothed 391 €
Mosaic tiger's head
tiger's head AK005

60x75cm smoothed 353 €
Mosaic polar bear
polar bear AK003

50x40cm smoothed 159 €
Mosaic pelicans
pelicans AK038

120x90cm smoothed 839 €
Mosaic white tiger
white tiger AK025

90cm smoothed 496 €
Mosaic lioness in the river
lioness in the river AK034

100x100cm smoothed 777 €
Mosaic rearing horse
rearing horse AK026

60x120cm smoothed 561 €
Mosaic Beach with palm trees
Beach with palm trees LK011

180x65cm smoothed 909 €
Mosaic Peacock
Peacock AK031

100x70cm smoothed 546 €
Mosaic Lion
Lion AK044

100x75cm smoothed 584 €
Mosaic scene with fish
scene with fish AK014

140x90cm smoothed 978 €
Mosaic Cat
Cat AN360

50x50cm smoothed 198 €
Mosaic Clownfish
Clownfish AK036

60x60cm smoothed 283 €
Mosaic seascape with herons
seascape with herons AK047

185x125cm smoothed 1791 €
Mosaic Indian with dog
Indian with dog FK121

100x140cm smoothed 1302 €
Mosaic Mosaic of Centaurs
Mosaic of Centaurs FK113

245x160cm smoothed 3638 €
Mosaic carpet with dolphins
carpet with dolphins CR201

170x120cm smoothed 1581 €
Mosaic dolphins
dolphins AK037

80cm smoothed 451 €
Mosaic Orpheus from Shahba
Orpheus from Shahba FK117

180x180cm smoothed 3008 €
Mosaic dolphin
dolphin AK009

50x33cm smoothed 145 €
Mosaic Tiger with baby
Tiger with baby AK048

45x110cm smoothed 387 €
Mosaic horse's head
horse's head AK001

130x100cm smoothed 1009 €
Mosaic Lion from Sabrata
Lion from Sabrata MK081

85cm smoothed 443 €
Mosaic a couple of peacocks
a couple of peacocks AK006

120x100cm smoothed 932 €
Mosaic lake landscape with whales
lake landscape with whales AK022

120x90cm smoothed 923 €
Mosaic Rubens: Leda and the Swan
Rubens: Leda and the Swan FK064

120x100cm smoothed 1117 €
Mosaic kingfisher
kingfisher AK032

60x40cm smoothed 190 €
Mosaic A man hunting a boar
A man hunting a boar FK106

140x140cm smoothed 1519 €
Mosaic bath tub border strip
bath tub border strip AK007

180x50cm smoothed 700 €
Mosaic sign of the zodiac scorpio
sign of the zodiac scorpio FK014

75x60cm smoothed 353 €
Mosaic Medallion with dolphins
Medallion with dolphins MK003

80cm smoothed 393 €
Mosaic dragon Simurgh
dragon Simurgh GK063

80x80cm smoothed 499 €
Mosaic sign of the zodiac taurus
sign of the zodiac taurus FK020

75x60cm smoothed 353 €
Mosaic Lion
Lion AK045

100x75cm smoothed 584 €
Mosaic german shepherd
german shepherd AK027

60x80cm smoothed 376 €
Mosaic Raffael: Saint George
Raffael: Saint George FK066

70x100cm smoothed 546 €
Mosaic fish
fish AK020

35x30cm smoothed 86 €
Mosaic Red Deer
Red Deer AK029

90x90cm smoothed 631 €
Mosaic sign of the zodiac aries
sign of the zodiac aries FK019

75x60cm smoothed 353 €
Mosaic swan
swan AK010

50x33cm smoothed 132 €
Mosaic Leopard
Leopard AK023

127cm smoothed 983 €
Mosaic seahorse
seahorse AK040

50x60cm smoothed 237 €
Mosaic sign of the zodiac cancer
sign of the zodiac cancer FK022

75x60cm smoothed 353 €
Mosaic dragon Simurgh
dragon Simurgh MK063

80cm smoothed 393 €
Mosaic Eagle and snake
Eagle and snake AK049

120x90cm smoothed 839 €
Mosaic Hunt with various Animals
Hunt with various Animals FG179

166cm smoothed 2178 €
Mosaic swans with offspring
swans with offspring AN050

105x90cm smoothed 735 €
Mosaic sign of the zodiac leo
sign of the zodiac leo FK011

75x60cm smoothed 353 €
Mosaic man and horses
man and horses FK109

150x150cm smoothed 2090 €
Mosaic Children on a Boat
Children on a Boat FK048

160x98cm smoothed 1216 €
Mosaic Saint George
Saint George FG165

70x70cm smoothed 497 €
Mosaic sign of the zodiac pisces
sign of the zodiac pisces FK018

75x60cm smoothed 353 €
Mosaic aquarium
aquarium CR195

250x160cm smoothed 3094 €

100x140cm smoothed 1086 €
Mosaic fish
fish AK015

45x45cm smoothed 161 €
Mosaic puma
puma AN347

70x85cm smoothed 465 €
Mosaic Medallion with dolphins
Medallion with dolphins MK002

80cm smoothed 393 €
Mosaic swimming pool
swimming pool AK039

600x150cm smoothed 8346 €
Mosaic two Porcelains
two Porcelains AK019

100x70cm smoothed 546 €
Mosaic sign of the zodiac scorpio
sign of the zodiac scorpio MK079

80cm smoothed 393 €
Mosaic Pillar enclosure with fishes
Pillar enclosure with fishes AK041

320cm smoothed 6216 €
Mosaic Medallion
Medallion MD331

140cm smoothed 1194 €
Mosaic sign of the zodiac taurus
sign of the zodiac taurus MK078

80cm smoothed 393 €
Mosaic polar bear
polar bear AK033

90x40cm smoothed 283 €
Mosaic eagle owl
eagle owl AK013

40x50cm smoothed 159 €
Mosaic amphibian
amphibian AK035

30x30cm smoothed 75 €
Mosaic parakeets
parakeets AK012

40x50cm smoothed 159 €
Mosaic Lion
Lion AK043

70cm smoothed 302 €
Mosaic Gazelle
Gazelle AK042

70cm smoothed 302 €
Mosaic parakeet
parakeet AK021

50x70cm smoothed 275 €
Mosaic seahorse
seahorse AK028

25x105cm smoothed 208 €
Mosaic Medallion with Whale
Medallion with Whale MK018

100cm smoothed 612 €
Mosaic Butterflys
Butterflys AK018

45x175cm smoothed 613 €
Mosaic medallion with whale
medallion with whale MK021

100cm smoothed 612 €
Mosaic Forest with a lake and animals
Forest with a lake and animals LK012

220x100cm smoothed 1704 €
Mosaic eagle
eagle AK046

100x60cm smoothed 468 €
Mosaic Turtle
Turtle AK016

65x50cm smoothed 156 €
Mosaic Dolphins with swan
Dolphins with swan AK002

65cm smoothed 261 €
Mosaic various marine animals
various marine animals AK030

92cm smoothed 518 €
Mosaic butterfly
butterfly AK004

90x60cm smoothed 422 €
Mosaic Capricorn
Capricorn AK051

60x60cm smoothed 283 €
Mosaic Aries
Aries AK050

60x60cm smoothed 283 €
Mosaic Chamois
Chamois AK052

60x60cm smoothed 283 €