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New item since 25.02.2014
Mosaic Botticelli: Birth of Venus
Botticelli: Birth of Venus

New item since 15.01.2014
Mosaic Eagle and snake
Eagle and snake

New item since 15.11.2013
Mosaic Indian with dog
Indian with dog

New item since 11.08.2013
Mosaic Birth of Aphrodite / Venus
Birth of Aphrodite / Venus

New item since 14.06.2013
Mosaic Waterhouse: Mermaid
Waterhouse: Mermaid

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Alexander Mosaic

Individual marble mosaics, made to order


No design element gives a cultivated home more individuality and class than a real marble mosaic. The centuries-old traditions of the ancient cultures of Arabia, Greece and Italy are reflected in the noble marble and its natural colours. Hand-made mosaic images and marble borders demonstrate the power of authenticity. They are genuine and special – unmistakeably unique pieces.

The artistic mosaic, made according to a free design, is pleasantly superior to the arbitrariness of modern mass production: as a wall mosaic or a floor covering, in the living room or in the kitchen, and particularly in the bathroom. The mosaic harmonises wonderfully with tiles, stone objects, ceramic, and even with further marble elements. A mosaic transforms the bathroom into an oasis of wellbeing and gives the room its very own character, reminiscent of the bathing rituals of antiquity.

With a natural stone mosaic of the trade mark IVENZO you have chosen the very highest degree of artistic quality and craftsmanship for yourself. For there is a very special concept behind the mosaic art of IVENZO: we combine the original richness of Arabian craftsmanship with German thoroughness of quality and organisation. Save yourself unnecessary disappointment and trust our quality guarantee, which complies with German law.

Mosaik badende Frau
Mosaic "Bathing Woman" after a presentation by Andy Lloyd (detail)

For the installation, the mosaic stones are first mounted on a net. This means that laying the mosaic is cheap and simple. Whoever can lay tiles can also install our mosaics.

Design your own mosaic work of art and make both a surprising and stylish impression on your own home. On our website you will find hundreds of Greek, Roman and modern mosaic motifs that will inspire you. You can get comprehensive information about marble as a material and the colours that are used, and learn how the mosaic can be made according to your own personal taste with smoothed, pounded and polished surfaces. Naturally we have also compiled references from satisfied customers for you and answer the most frequently asked questions about hand-made marble mosaic.

A good mosaic requires patience. We give it this time. Why not do the same: allow your design to mature and treat yourself to the sensual experience of the creative act. We will happily support you with our experience and expertise.

The mosaics shown here are in stock and available for immediate delivery.
To browse all stocked mosaics with measurements and prices, please click > > here < <
The production of bespoke mosaics in accordance with special customer requirements can involve a delivery time of up to 9 weeks.
We kindly request you to take this delivery time into account when you order your bespoke mosaics.

Battle of Alexander at Issus
Medusa of IVENZO
Greek-Roman medallion
roman pattern
Andy Lloyd: Woman Bathing
Michelangelo: David
cave canem
Leonardo da Vinci: The last Supper
Publius Vergilius Maro
white tiger
tiger's head
Osiria rose
flowers (topview)
cockfight from Pompeii
marble carpet
roman pattern
Head of Dionysos from Korinth
Mosaic of Centaurs
Michelangelo: The Creation of Adam
Waterhouse: Mermaid
Bouguereau: The Wave
polar bear
Platon and the Academy of Athen
Albrecht Dürer: Praying Hands
lioness in the river
Medusa Rondanini, Phidias 440 AC
Tethys (Thetys) Sea Goddess
Indian with dog
seascape with herons
Compass rose
carpet  of flowers
Leighton: The Bath of Psyche
Compass rose
Gustav Klimt: Danae
roman pattern
Triumph of Dionysus
Medusa from Athens
scene with fish
oriental carpet
Gustav Klimt: The Kiss
Weguelin: The bath
Labyrinth of Chartres
carpet with dolphins
lake landscape with whales
Orpheus from Cheyres, Switzerland
Musicians with organ and tuba
a couple of peacocks
Medusa of IVENZO
Place by the sea
Ingres: The fountain
Herakles and Dionysus
Fight with the bear
Tiger with baby
Portrait Alexander von Humboldt
Birth of Aphrodite / Venus
Portrait Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
flowers (topview)
Botticelli: Birth of Venus
Lion from Sabrata
Oceanus - Neptune
Boucher: Forge of Vulcan
Orpheus from Shahba
bouquet of flowers with blossoms
Botticelli: Birth of Venus
Batoni: Diana and Cupid
flower medallion
fishing village
square carpet
van Gogh: Starry Night
dragon Simurgh
Medusa of IVENZO
Raphaels angle
Gladiators of Nennig
A man hunting a boar
Medallion with dolphins
Gérard: Cupid and Psyche
sun in warm colours
Rubens: Leda and the Swan
Compass rose
Dionyos transformed pirates
Triumph of Bacchus
Red Deer
Dionysos and the Indians
Medallion with dolphins
Eagle and snake
Medusa of IVENZO
Botticelli: Birth of Venus

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